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Synthetic resin «Piroplast-2К» SP (10-30)

Synthetic resin «Piroplast-2К» SP (10-30)
Synthetic resin «Piroplast-2К» SP (10-30)
The technical specifications 2451-008-49740748-2006



1. Outer appearance

А solid substance in the form of granules with a diameter of 3-8 mm from yellow to brown

2. Soffening point, °С


3. Iodine scale color, Mg J2/100cm3


4. The color scale Gardner, #


5. Acid number, mg KOH/g. max


6. Iodine Number, max


7. Water mass content, %, max


8. Volatiles mass content, %/max


Synthetic resin «Piroplast-2К» SP (10-30) The technical specifications 2451-008-49740748-2006

Use in:

  • Paint and varnish industry (for the production of bright varnishes, drying oils, paints, enamels, modification of film-forming);
  • Pulp and paper industry – as a substitute for rosin;
  • Rubber industry – as softener tire rubber;
  • Manufacture of printing inksк – as a component of the production of paints for high and offset printing;
  • The replacement of HES in the manufacture of paints and hot melts for road marking;
  • in the production of glues and sizing compounds.

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